Welcome to the next generation OWCAM web page! OWCAM Committees are a collection of member volunteers who provide the synergy behind the organization. Below are the committees:

Education & Certification 


Purpose – Determine, monitor and maintain the educational criteria for certifying OWCAM manager members for the CCM (Certified Community Managers) designation.

  • Board Liaison – Janine Leyrer
  • Committee Chair - Joel McDonell
  • Committee Members – Tony Rafel, Angie Bagby, Kathleen Profitt, Mike Vial

Legal & Legislative


Purpose – Monitor and provide input on Oregon and Washington legislation that affects community associations and managers.

  • Board Liaison – Erin Ashley
  • Committee Chair – Greg Coxey
  • Members – Steve Russell

Marketing & Membership 


Purpose – Promote public awareness of OWCAM and membership growth.

  • Board Liaison –Melissa Browning
  • Committee Chair – Colleen Chesbrough
  • Members – Bob Nelson, Tysen Bodewig, Patrick Telfer, Pam Hill


Purpose – Promote public awareness of OWCAM and membership growth.

  • Board Liaison – Dan Green
  • Committee Chair -Tysen Bodewig
  • Members - Sara Eanni


  • Programs

    Purpose – Develop speakers and topics for member meetings that achieve high level manager training and education.

    • Board Liaison – Carra Pewsey
    • Committee Chair – Dan Webert
    • Committee Members – Jeanne Crouch, Bob Mulkey, Bryan Costa, Stuart Cohen, David Schwindt, Matt Korshoj, David Larsen