As established in 2002 to serve community association managers and service providers (affiliates) of the Pacific Northwest. The primary goals are to enhance professional image, represent proposed licensing and legislation, promote education and provide a network for business opportunities.

Since the organization was established 20 years ago, the membership of both community association managers and affiliates has grown to over 200 people!

Board Members

President – Laura Hall, CCM, CMCA

Treasurer – Erin Black, CCM, CMCA

Secretary – Melissa Browning

Director – Carrie McGonagle

Director – Patrick Telfer, CCM, CMCA

Board Advisor – Carra Pewsey, CCM, CMCA, PCAM



Monitor and provide input on Oregon and Washington legislation that affects community associations and managers.

Board Liaison– Erin Black

Committee Chair– Greg Coxey

Members– Steve Russell


Develop speakers and topics for member meetings that achieve high level manager training and education.

Board Liaison – Laura Hall, CCM, CMCA

Committee Chair – Carra Pewsey

Committee Members – Ryan Boynton, Samuel Chipperfield, Eric Jackson, Melinda Pursley, David Schwindt, Dan Webert


Promote public awareness of OWCAM and membership growth.

Board Liaison – Patrick Telfer

Committee Chair – Melissa Browning

Members – Tysen Bodewig, Ronda Lovley, Bob Nelson, Colleen Chesbrough


Promote public awareness of OWCAM and membership growth.

Board Liaison – Melissa Browning

Committee Chair –Tysen Bodewig

Members – Sara Eanni, Brad Schmautz, Julie Nolin

Education & Certification

Determine, monitor and maintain the educational criteria for certifying OWCAM manager members for the CCM (Certified Community Managers) designation.

Board Liaison– Carrie McGonagle

Committee Chair- Joel McDonell

Committee Members– Tony Rafel, Angie Bagby, Kathleen Profitt, Mike Vial