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CCM Recertification

CCM Recertification

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Renewal of CCM Designation (Every 3 years)

Cost of Course – $50 per Manager


CCM RENEWAL FORM complete and return to

Renewal of CCM Designation (Every 3 years)-

Applicant must complete a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education (CE) to renew the CCM certification. CE hours must be earned as follows:

1. OWCAM CONTINUING EDUCATION: 9 or more of the hours must be earned from attending OWCAM events. These hours shall include a minimum of 6 hours of OWCAM educational events AND can include up to 3 hours of OWCAM non-educational events. 9 or more hours of educational OWCAM events will also satisfy this portion of the requirement. The applicant can apply for credit for hours spent teaching OWCAM courses or speaking at OWCAM educational events.

2. OTHER CONTINUING EDUCATION: 15 of the 24 hours may be comprised of non-OWCAM industry-related continuing education seminars/sessions. These may include CAI educational events/luncheons with speakers on industry topics, sessions given by other industry professionals such as accountants, reserve study experts, attorneys, construction experts, etc. CE credit hours will be awarded for taking CAI’s 200 and 300 level PDMP Classes, as well as other industry related educational events offered by industry organizations like CAI and IREM. Details of the topics of the aforementioned programs must be submitted along with the applicant’s recertification application. Credit hours may be earned for teaching, speaking, or attending any Non-OWCAM educational events listed in this section. The applicant may apply to OWCAM for credit for other educational events not specifically listed. In all cases, the OWCAM Board will determine if credit hours are to be awarded.

Cost of Course – $50 per Manager

If a CCM© designation expires and the applicant wishes to reinstate it, the cost is $225.00.

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